On our site you will only find profiles of authentic people who wish to exchange opinions, experiences, photos or partners. People who are looking for a mate or partner or who wish to meet uninhibitedly with other people who share the same interests and desires.

The site additionally works as a social and dating site for singles; you will find public chats open to everyone, features to get in touch, get to know and meet.

Our site differs from many others in that it is not populated by fictitious (perhaps apparently appealing) profiles, which then turn out to be bogus or deceptive.

We have the ambition to grow and nurture a community of people who communicate with each other, get to know each other, meet, organize events, and much more.

We are therefore also counting on you to populate the site in this exciting, safe and above all authentic way. Register, use all the functions of the site for free all 2021 and then decide whether to subscribe for the modest cost of 7.90 euros per month. Share, spread the word and make it known and have fun with others making your erotic dreams come true in a natural and discreet way.

Happy surfing!

How to make your profile attractive

The site offers you, through the menu “My Profile => Edit“, the possibility to enter a number of optional parameters to better describe you so that others can access your profile. The only mandatory fields are the nickname, password and email (not visible to others). We advise you to carefully consult all the parameters of your profile and provide, in addition to the standard data, information on your interests and wishes. You will do this only once initially and then if you want to update one or more of your profile fields. Defining these parameters will help you find the people with whom you have affinity of interests and desires, making searches more effective and encounters fast, interesting and intriguing.

In the same menu you will have the possibility to upload profile pictures. These images may very well be of a slightly spicy nature but extremely explicit child pornography, violent or pornographic images cannot be inserted. In your albums (“Gallery” menu) you can instead create private albums and upload the images you want, provided they are not of a child pornography or violent nature. An attractive profile has alluring and sensual images. It is also useful to have a series of private albums whose images can be shared with one or more users at your discretion. Creating a Private Album is very quick and easy. From the “Album/Gallery” menu, access “Create an Album/Gallery” where you can describe your new Album and decide whether to make it public or private. Once this is done, you can manage the sharing of private albums individually by choosing “Manage Sharing” where you can enter one or more users to whom you want to give access to the album, also checking the permissions you want to give them.

Always be courteous, sociable and fair and then leave room for creativity, imagination and passion.

Important notice: any material of a pedophile, violent or offensive nature of any person, religion or political current, will result in immediate expulsion from the site. In this regard, we advise you to carefully read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

The Top Menu and the side menu (Nav)

The menus are managed differently on the PC than on tablets or smartphones. On the PC you will find the main menu at the top (TopMenu) through which you can access your “Overview“, your “My Profile” and other functions concerning the functionality of the site in general. Entering for example in “My Profile” you will find, in the PC version, a side menu (Nav) that concerns only you (your visitors, your messages, your notifications, your activities, your albums, etc). Note that if you select by clicking on another user (for example someone who has visited you recently) the side menu will refer to the user you selected.

On mobile phones, the Top Menu is enclosed in a drop-down menu while the side menus of the PC, on mobile, you will find them in the drop-down menus or arranged horizontally according to the best ergonomics.

The "Speed Dating" and "Parties & Events" menues

Finally, we like to recommend the Speed Dating and Parties & Events menus!

The “Speed Dating” menu offers the possibility to launch a date “on the fly” on the site. Example can be a visit that you are about to make in another city, you can launch a proposal like “I am in Milan from day x to day y, woman or couple …. shall we meet?” Who will be interested or will have the possibility can contact you directly via instant message.

The “Parties & Events” menu offers the possibility to create and organize events and / or parties. Whether they are intimate and uninhibited private parties, or an event of a musical, cultural, artistic or whatever, the function makes it easy to create and participate in it.